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   1. Complete Application Form
   2. 2 Copies Photo (2 X 2 inch)

   3. Visiting Card

   4. Passport & Previous Visa Copy

   5. Bank Statement (Personal And Company)

   6. National ID card

   7. Air Ticket Reservation

   8. Appointment

   9. Tour Plan

 10. Trade License (If Business)

 11. Tin Certificate

 12.  Forwarding Letter

 13.  Hotel Booking

 14.  Property Statement

 15.  Income Tax Return

 16.  Income Tax Certificate

 17.  FDR or Savings Account

 18.  Marriage Certificate and Nikah Nama (If Married)

 19.  If Student need leave letter from school or college and school or college ID card

 20.  If you are employed: Letter from your employer – stating your position

and salary, length of employment, confirming your leave of absence and

the name and contact details of the person providing the letter.

USA Form fill up requirements


1. Passport Copy

2. Present Address

3. NID Card

4. Phone Number and E-mail

5. If Inviting Person give (Name, Address, Relation and Phone Number)

6. Parents Date of Birth

7. Spouse name and Date of Birth and Place of Birth

8. If Employed Give (Salary, Job Describe, Position, Institute name, Institute Address, Start Date)

9. If Business (Describe your Duties, Position, Company name, Company Address, Start Date)

10. Educational Qualification (School, College, University, Name, Address, Course Name, IN Date, Out Date)

11. Have you traveled to any countries/regions within the last five years?

12. Social Media (You tube, Face book, Google +, Link In, Instragram, Twitter)

13. Have you belonged to, contributed to, or worked for any professional, social, or charitable organization?

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